Mr Jean Andre Barbosa

Peter Attfield

Jean-Andre has held a number of senior positions throughout his career and has proven executive management experience in both public and private sectors.

Jean-André started his career dedicated to public service. He was awarded a position of Trade Defense Policy Officer in the European Economic Community and following that served in the trade and energy areas of the European Commission for seven years, where he participated in high level trade negotiations between countries.

After this period, Jean-André sought to broaden his experience and moved into the private sector where he joined Saint - Gobain Construction Products - Ukraine as Managing Director and thereafter took over Verallia Ukraine (Saint - Gobain Packaging) and Verallia Russia as Regional Managing Director for CIS. In total, he spent five years with Saint-Gobain.

Before joining FPI, Jean-André worked with Areva, a major global player in Nuclear and Renewable Energies, as VP and Areva Director for Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Bulgaria and Romania. He was with Areva for nearly three years.

Jean-André holds a Diploma of Ingénieur du Corps des Mines (French High Civil Service) and a Highest Honours Diploma of Ingénieur Civil de l'Ecole des Mines de Paris with a Major in Materials Engineering. Complementing his qualifications, Jean-Andre speaks five languages - English, French, Polish, Russian and Spanish.

Jean-André was the Foreign Trade Advisor to the French Ambassador in Ukraine and in Poland, appointed by the French Prime Minister and the former Chairman of the European-Ukrainian Energy Agency and Member of the Advisory Board.