Our Value Proposition

As the global leader in anti corrosive large diameter fiberglass pipe system design and manufacturing, Future Pipe Industries (FPI) offers integrated engineering services. Through its global delivery model, FPI works closely with each client to provide bespoke, technically viable and cost-effective systems. Having the world's largest product portfolio of fiberglass pipes, FPI provides pipes across three product segments:

  • Infrastructure: Large diameter and light weight products
  • Industrial: highly engineered products
  • Oil & Gas: High-pressure products

Having produced enough pipes to circle the globe more than 4 times, FPI is a worldwide trendsetter in pipe engineering and manufacturing. Since its incorporation in 1984, FPI has pioneered the conversion of pipe demand into fiberglass and has a long history of technological breakthroughs, including the in-house development of five world-leading technologies:

FPI continues to push the boundaries, investing on product research and development carried out at FPI's state of the art laboratories in the Netherlands and the UAE. FPI's engineers persevere to anticipate the needs of the constantly evolving pipe market and always strive to push the boundaries of the pipe in terms of temperature, pressure and diameter.

From airports to power plants, FPI has successfully delivered numerous, international mega projects such as Qatar's Ras Laffan Industrial City, the world's largest single project in fiberglass pipe with 80 kilometers of DN 3450mm pipes installed above ground. Using FPI's proprietary Fiberstrong™ technology, the company manufactured and supplied the above ground and underground seawater cooling lines, fire water, potable water and chlorination pipe systems. Other large scale projects include:

Beirut International Airport, Lebanon

Installation of 25 kilometres of glass-reinforced polyester pipes, proving the competitiveness and suitability of FPI's GRP products in low and high-pressure lines.

Jebel Ali Power Station, UAE

Custom production and fitting of a wide range of glass reinforced pipes with pressure rating up to 12 bar and a diameter range from 80 to 1400mm.

Marmara Ereglisi Power Station, Turkey

Production of a GRP cooling water piping system with onshore and offshore intake lines of 25,000mm in diameter, including all fitting and diffusing elements.

Ras Laffan, Qatar

Future Pipe Industries' most recent water industry mega project is Ras Laffan Industrial City for Qatar Petroleum - the world's largest fiberglass pipe system installation. While the original product specification was for steel, FPI was successful in modifying the pipe specifications to fiberglass once its superior benefits became clear to the end-user. This project leads the way for other industrial mega-projects specifying fiberglass as the pipe material of choice.