Mr. Fouad Makhzoumi, Chairman and CEO of Future Pipe Industries Participates in a Panel on "Building the Infrastructure to Match with the Vision of Sustainability" at the MENA Economic Forum

September 20, 2013

  Mr. Fouad Makhzoumi Chairman and CEO of Future Pipe Industries (FPI) attended the third edition of the MENA Economic Forum which was held on November 7th and 8th, at the Villa Méditerranée, in Marseille, France.

Inspired by the unifying role of Marseille around the Mediterranean sea, the MENA Economic Forum was established in 2011 to encourage the development of partnerships between Europe and the Arab countries. This third edition formed a great platform for reflection and dialogue which will lead to building partnerships for the development of European and Arab businesses in several strategic areas: education, culture, infrastructure, energy, water, finance, innovation, and more.

On the inaugural night, Mr. Makhzoumi participated in a panel on "Building Infrastructures to Match with the Vision of Sustainability", during which he highlighted the importance of human infrastructure and that the construction of any road, a pipeline or a hospital requires skilled engineers, architects, skilled and able workforce, if it is to be properly realized.

Mr. Makhzoumi emphasized that priority should be given to the development of education and healthcare. He pointed out that what is needed is a global common agenda to address transnational challenges, and that there are no local or national answers to global problems; it is time for new more effective and inclusive forms of global governance based on a long-term view and on the increased collaboration among governments, business and civil society, but which respect the sovereignty and values of individual nations and cultures. He also drew attention to the issue of the large number of young people entering the job market with limited opportunities and the impact this has on potentially radicalising them.

The Forum brought together more than four hundred business leaders, institutional and university presidents, as well as European and Arab political personalities from France, Europe, North Africa and the Middle East.