THE CEO's JOURNEY - The Life and Leadership of Rami Makhzoumi

October 31, 2013


"The CEO's Journey" – the biography of Rami Makhzoumi's life and achievements, was launched today at a book-signing ceremony in Book World by Kinokuniya, Dubai, in the presence of a large assembly of friends, colleagues, family and media.

The 292-page book took a year to research and write, and includes interviews with over 70 family members, friends, colleagues, suppliers and customers who knew Rami well.The book charts Rami's life – from his birth in Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, up to the week preceding his passing away. It also covers the first full year after his death and the beginnings of a number of legacy projects established in his name.

Born 31 October 1977 Rami Makhzoumi was educated at Hill House School and Dulwich College in London, and then The University of Buckingham. In 1999 Rami moved to Dubai to join the family business, Future Pipe Industries, a multi-national fiberglass pipe manufacturing company. In 2003, he assumed leadership of FPI, taking over from his father Fouad Makhzoumi, and developed and implemented a programme of major strategic initiatives that would transform and grow the business dramatically. Rami became a highly respected member of the UAE business community and in 2005 he joined Young Arab Leaders (YAL), driven by a strong faith in the organization’s mission to tackle regional unemployment. Rami served as a Regional Board Member and he was committed to ensure that the programmes YAL developed harnessed the potential of Arab youth and leveraged their contribution to development in the Arab world.

Rami Makhzoumi passed away at the young age 33 years, on 23 April 2011. He had just been awarded the Masterclass CEO of the Year title at the Middle East Business Leaders Awards 2011, six days before his untimely demise. This award is given to candidates with exceptional vision and leadership in steering, sustaining growth, and those who have made major contribution in driving revenue and profits of an organization.

Rami was also a lifetime member of the Institute of Directors UK, a member of the Arab-Deutsche Chamber of Commerce, the International Desalination Association and a member of the Young Presidents’ Organization in the UAE.

At the book signing, author Steven Sonsino said, "Rami was a remarkable young man with a strong passion for life, and I was fortunate to have known him. He always signed off with the words 'Change the world'. This book is more than a simple recount of life; we hope that through your own journey ahead, you somehow 'change the world'. We think Rami would like that".

His father, Fouad Makhzoumi, chairman of Future Pipe Industries, in a fond tribute to his son, highlighted "Rami believed that it is a leader's responsibility to set an example, so he lived his principles every minute of every day. I had faith in him and he did not disappoint me at all. I would encourage anyone faced with a similar choice to do likewise and embrace all that the next generation can bring to a business, and guide them through their first steps, then leave them to soar". "The CEO's Journey" is now available for purchase across the UAE at all major bookstores. The book is also available at Amazon in both hardcover and Kindle editions.

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