Engineering Services

Future Pipe Industries (FPI) is dedicated to product and system engineering. It is one of the key reasons why FPI continues to be a global industry leader with over thirty years in the field, offering a variety of essential services and solutions to the Water, Oil & Gas, and Industrial Sectors.

Successful product engineering is a combination of technical expertise, research facility, and leading business strategies. For FPI, these elements come together through the unique expertise of its product engineering design team and its primary in-house testing facility in the United Arab Emirates.

There, through stringent testing processes and qualification standards, FPI consistently delivers inspired custom products on time and within budget. The testing facility is the largest in the region and is assessed and certified by the independent agency, TÜV Rheinland. FPI’s engineered products have also been recognised for their quality and excellence, receiving the first ever Kitemark award for glass reinforced polyester (GRP) pipe systems.

By investing in new technologies, FPI is able to provide the world's largest portfolio of fiberglass pipe products. And by analyzing extreme scenarios, FPI delivers the safest fiberglass pipe systems in the world, known for their versatility and capacity to withstand extreme temperatures and corrosive materials. Since 1998 FPI has developed seven core brands:

FPI employs the latest system design softwares to address clients issues ranging from small - scale ad - hoc stress issues to complex large - scale fluid flow problems and has built up a broad experience in all design aspects of GRP / GRV / GRE piping systems. The specific services FPI provides for fiberglass pipe systems include:

  • Design analysis.
  • Stress & flexibility analysis.
  • Surge / water-hammer and fluid flow analysis.
  • Seismic analysis.
  • Hydraulic calculations.
  • Design of pipe supports, anchors, guides and thrust blocks.
  • Dynamic and static analysis and vibration prediction control.
  • FEM analysis for pressure vessels, nozzles and piping components (where applicable).