Project Management & Technical Services

Future Pipe Industries (FPI) has been managing large-scale mega-projects around the world for over three decades. Throughout that time, FPI has gained valuable field experience and acquired industry knowledge, which is second to none.

The key is careful planning, organisation and management of resources. With this understanding, FPI works in partnership with over 300 repeat clients, successfully installing products on time, on budget while exceeding their expectations.

Today, FPI offers a full complement of project management and technical support services, which will ensure your project is completed safely, effectively and to the highest quality standards. FPI’s highly qualified engineers and technical experts use their skills, tools and techniques to actively assist clients throughout all stages of project execution. Some of the benefits include:

  • On site assistance.
  • Shorter communication time.
  • Improvements to organisational and personnel workflow.
  • Faster action and reaction to problem solving.

The project management and technical support services teams have combined responsibility for handling all customer communications, requirements and requests, including:

  • Developing the overall project execution plan.
  • Monitoring progress through project milestones.
  • Handling requests for changes and variations.
  • Attending site, client and end user meetings
  • Providing computer aided design services including isometric and construction drawings.
  • Utilising material take-off from client's layout or isometric drawings.
  • Installing product qualification programs according to international standards.
  • Managing installation queries and site technical assistance.
  • Handling technical documentation and end user submittals.
  • Developing specifications reviews and product selection.
  • Overseeing product design and custom made component solutions.
  • Checking design calculations and verifications.
  • Ensuring design verification and finite element analysis.