In 2013 FPI acquired Specialty Plastics Inc. for its engineered composite piping systems, FIBERBOND®, which was developed in 1981 from the discoveries made during a special U.S. Navy program aimed at improving the general design and durability of fiberglass pipe for shipboard service.

The main applications for FIBERBOND® products are in the offshore oil and gas industry, chemical and petrochemical industry, pulp and paper industry and marine industry.

The FIBERBOND® product is an alternative to stainless steels, copper-nickel pipe, other alloys, and other reinforced and non-reinforced plastics at temperatures up to 121° C and pressures up to 290psig (20.0 bar).

FIBERBOND® Engineered Composite Piping Systems

All FIBERBOND® products use a glass-fiber reinforcement bound in a resin matrix. The glass-fibers provide the strength and the resin matrix provides the superior corrosion resistance. Together, the composite attains the excellent properties of both components. FIBERBOND® products are filament wound products using a winding angle of 54°, which is the principal axis of loading for internal pressure. FIBERBOND® Series 20HV, 20FR-E, 20FR16, 20FR20, 20JF, 20JF16, and 110FW among others, utilize this winding pattern. For more detailed information on specific FIBERBOND® products, including mechanical specifications, please visit the FIBERBOND® website,

FIBERBOND® Custom Piping Systems

In addition to the FIBERBOND® Fiberglass and Advanced Composite Piping Series, Specialty Plastics also offers a custom line of piping systems. FIBERBOND® custom products are pipe systems engineered by Specialty Plastics to meet individual customer specifications. By customizing the system, an optimum pipe product is produced saving the customer time and material.

The custom products offered in the FIBERBOND® line are engineered, manufactured, fabricated, and installed by Specialty Plastics. It has always been the goal of Specialty Plastics to offer custom-engineered products in lieu of standard or "commodity" products.

  • Sea water systems
  • Heavy duty chemical
  • Column piping
  • Open drain headers
  • Ballast piping
  • Firewater systems
  • Caustic services
  • Chlorine headers
  • Brine piping
  • Acid lines
Shell "Mars"
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