Alphacore pipe is made of thermosetting resins (polyester, vinylester, etc.) reinforced with Glass fiber (GRP).

The resins are formulated to withstand the corrosively of a wide range of chemical products. Alphacore anti-corrosive piping systems are designed to protect the environment from possible contamination due to the products that are being transported and, in addition to this, are able to withstand the erosion that can be caused by ultraviolet rays, if the piping is installed outside.

Alphacore pipes are manufactured in usable lengths of 12 meters and the ends can be configured for any type of pipe joint (flanged ends, Bell & Spigot or plain ends for lamination or mechanical coupling). They are designed to withstand pressures of up to 40 Kg/cm2, with a range of nominal diameters from 15 to 3200 mm.

Alphacore Diameter ranges from DN200 to DN3200 and can withstand pressure from PN1 up to PN32.

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