Alphasand pipe is made of thermosetting resins reinforced with glass fiber (GRP), with inert sand fillers in the structural layer.

These pipes are manufactured using the Crossed Filament Winding process and are equipped with a monolithic Bell & Spigot joint, which guarantees complete water tightness.

Alphasand pipes are manufactured in usable lengths of 12 meters and diameters of up to 3200 mm and are particularly suitable for urban and industrial sewerage systems, which need to withstand both the corrosively of the liquid that is transported and the corrosively of the soil. The Alphasand range includes a complete system of fittings, (elbows, stub flanges, flanges, reducers, etc.), which can be adapted to different pressure ratings and stiffness’s and allow for maximum flexibility in the design of the line, as well as a quick and easy, and therefore very economical, installation process.

Alphasand Diameter ranges from DN200 to DN3200 and can withstand pressure from PN1 up to PN32.

Jointing system
According to manufacturing process and pipe application, the following types of joints can be provided:

  • Bell & Spigot Joint
  • Lamination Joint
  • Bell & Spigot with Lock joint
  • Flanged Joint
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