Innovation Focus – Glass Reinforced Epoxy Valve Chambers for Water Transmission & Distribution Networks

Future Pipe Industries recently introduced a Glass Reinforced Epoxy (GRE) Valve Chamber for Water Transmission & Distribution Networks to its Wavistrong product range. The Valve Chamber is a vertical underground shaft used to accommodate water meters and valves at water transmission and distribution networks. The key advantages are in its robust design; it is capable of overcoming buoyancy forces as well as withstanding compressive and traffic loads thus minimizing risks related to settlement.

Glass Reinforced Epoxy Valve Chambers are designed and qualified according to DIN, BSI and ASTM Standards. The chambers are easy to install as they are supplied as one single unit which can be up to 12M length with no need for jointing, reducing workmanship and installation time. Supplied in DN 1000, 1600, 2400 & 3200mm, they weigh 90% less than concrete chambers making them easier and lighter to transport and install yet can be filled with concrete to increase the weight depending on the application.

Our Valve Chambers are maintenance and corrosion free with a minimum life span of 60 years. They are not susceptible to oxidation or degradation especially in sewage lines and no protective coatings or waterproofing is required.

The chambers can be supplied up to 3200mm DN and consist of the following:

o Cover Slab

o GRE H2O Shaft

o Base Plate

o Anti-Thrust Box

o Anti-Flotation measure (Optional)