FiberstrongTM Jacking Pipe Systems

Trenchless technologies and specially Jacking is becoming a cost effective and environmental solution widely used where traffic disruption is not an option.

The success of a jacking project is highly dependent on the installation methodology but more importantly the selection of the pipe and jointing system used in order to ensure a high quality installation.

Our FIBERSTRONGTM PIPE SYSTEMS provides advantages given its light weight, corrosion and abrasion resistance in addition to enhanced hydraulic capacity.

Advantages of FiberstrongTM Jacking Systems

  • FIBERSTRONGTM JACKING PIPE SYSTEMS can be supplied with or without grouting ports.
  • Reduced jacking loads due to smooth external surface.
  • Adaptable to a variety of installation equipment.
  • Can be produced in a variety of lengths and diameters according to project requirements.
  • Designed to meet project specific project loads.


The main applications of FIBERSTRONGTM JACKING SYSTEMS are as follows:

  • Sanitary Sewage
  • Storm Water
  • Drains
  • Industrial Waste Lines
  • Pressure lines
  • Irrigation
  • Water Supply

Jointing systems:

Our jointing system utilizes a proprietary flexible joint with elastomeric sealing systems that can adapt to a variety of angular deviation in accordance to international standards.

Product Specifications:

FIBERSTRONGTM JACKING PIPE SYSTEMS can be produced in a variety of stiffness classes ranging from SN20000 up to SN1000000 Pa (SN144 up to SN7200 psi) and with a maximum pressure rating up to PN10 bar (PN150 psig). Other stiffness and pressure classes available to meet your project requirements.

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