Engineering Services

Future Pipe Industries is dedicated to optimizing pipe systems design and engineering.

We blend our unique products and a wide range of solutions to allow us to offer a customized end to end solution for each project. Early incorporation of our Value Engineering team during the design phase ensures maximum effectiveness. We have a broad experience in all design aspects of GRP / GRV / GRE piping systems.

The specific services Future Pipe Industries provides for composite pipe systems include:

  • System Design and Drafting Services
  • Design analysis.
  • Translating layout drawings to isometric drawings
  • Stress & flexibility analysis.
  • Surge / water-hammer and fluid flow analysis.
  • Seismic analysis.
  • Hydraulic calculations.
  • Design of pipe supports, anchors, guides and thrust blocks.
  • Dynamic and static analysis and vibration prediction control.
  • FEM analysis for pressure vessels, nozzles and piping components (where applicable).

We employ the latest system design software to design and then mimic the conditions our pipes will be used in. This ranges from small scale ad hoc stress tests to complex large scale fluid flow challenges. We put our products through rigorous analysis including extreme scenarios, to ensure we deliver a solution which works under pressure as well as being the safest fiberglass pipe systems in the world, known for their versatility and capacity to withstand extreme temperatures and corrosive materials.