We work across four major industries, Oil & Gas, Industrial, Water and Marine.

Future Pipe Industries design and manufacture composite piping systems. Composite pipes are lightweight, resilient, versatile, efficient and long lasting, making them suitable for application across many industries.

Enhancing our extensive product range, Future Pipe Industries also offers a range of solutions including, system design, engineering, project management, site supervision and training solutions across four major industries, Oil & Gas, Industrial, Water and Marine.

Oil And Gas

Economic development and social progress are dependent on energy. In a constantly evolving world and with an increasing demand for energy, Future Pipe Industries supports energy optimization, efficiency and sustainability. Composite materials including Fiberglass are non-corrosive making them materials of choice, connecting vital resources to consumers.

Future Pipe Industries exclusively developed product range includes Fiberstrong™, Wavistrong™, Wavistrong™ FR, Fibermar™, Red Box®, Yellow Box® and Fiberbond.



Complementing the boom in the oil and gas sector is an increased demand for major industrial developments. Developers, petrochemical corporations and mine owners need pipe solutions for applications including dredging, mining (slurries), sugar refineries, resin plants, cooling water systems and process automation piping.

Future Pipe Industries products such as Fiberstrong™, Wavistrong™, Fibermar™ and Wavistrong FR™ are extensively used in the industrial sector, for a wide range of applications.



Water is the essential component of all life. Future Pipe Industries delivers sustainable water solutions which connect life to its source. We cover all elements of the water cycle, including urban, agricultural and waste water applications.

Our product range for the water sector includes Fiberstrong™, Wavistrong™ and Wavistrong H2O™.



The Marine industry has long provided our world with a major form of transportation. Water transportation is economically and environmentally an efficient way to travel or transport merchandise; around 90% of world trade is carried by the international shipping industry.

Future Pipe Industries products such as Wavistrong™ and Fibermar™ with excellent corrosion resistant properties mean our pipe systems will last for the life of a ship.