Collaborative Research Agreement With NIC and Saudi Aramco

Future Pipe Industries has signed a collaborative research agreement with the Non-metallic Innovation Centre (NIC), and Saudi Aramco Technologies Company (AramcoTech) to commence research towards enhancing the applications of Reinforced Thermoset Resin (RTR) pipes.

The recent opening of NIC in the UK confirms the industry’s commitment to the development of advanced non-metallic materials which are lighter, stronger and more durable while being able to withstand harsh, aggressive environments. These developments will bring greater safety, lower costs and lower emissions as well as bringing opportunities and new products to the forefront.

The signing is the first in a collection of research collaboration agreements that will be conducted by the NIC in partnership with Future Pipe Industries, in particular towards enhancing the application of RTR pipes in harsh environments typically found within the Oil & Gas Industry. Research, Development and innovation have always been key drivers at Future Pipe Industries, making our collaboration an enhancement of our existing focuses.

For more information on the NIC, please click here.