FPI at a Glance

Founded in 1984 in Dubai UAE, Future Pipe Industries (FPI) has rapidly grown to become a global leader in anti corrosive fiberglass pipe system design and manufacturing.

With the largest product portfolio of large diameter, high pressure, high-temperature, fiberglass pipe systems, FPI provides bespoke solutions across the three product segments; Water, Oil & Gas and Industrial.

Managing a unique global delivery model, driven by engineering excellence, and committed to customer needs, FPI's Corporate Purpose is to deliver water and energy to the world in the most efficient and sustainable way.

With the world pipe market demand growing at 6.5% annually through to 2019, FPI has already a focused dominant global footprint with a presence throughout the Middle East, Africa, Europe, North America and Asia. The company employs an extensive global network, operating factories across the world including in the UAE, Oman, Qatar, Egypt, KSA, USA, The Netherlands, Spain, India and 20 offices across the world including Lebanon, UK, France, Singapore, Pakistan and Indonesia, mobilizing over 3,300 members of staff around the world.

FPI facilities are state of the art. With advanced manufacturing, testing and process control systems FPI operates 49 product lines spread over 681,000 square meters and with more than 160,000 kilometers installed worldwide, FPI serves more than 300 international major Oil and Gas operators, municipal authorities and industrial facilities.

As the leading global integrated solution provider in the large diameter anti corrosive fiberglass pipe market, FPI has gained stellar reputation in offering quality and reliable bespoke fiberglass pipe solutions, through design and engineering, manufacturing and in house testing to installation and onsite training and supervision.

All FPI products are manufactured in accordance with stringent customer specifications and the most demanding international standards, using the latest technology, FPI offers the largest and most versatile large diameter fiberglass pipe product range in the market today. With diameters ranging from 12mm up to 4000mm, with an ability to withstand immense pressures of up to 3000 PSI, FPI’s fiberglass-composite non corrosive pipe systems can transport water, oil, gas and petrochemicals including H2S.

FPI's promise of excellence has led to an impressive list of accreditations and certifications by major independent international bodies in the fields of safety, quality and environmental protection. FPI was the first manufacturing company in the Middle East to be awarded the service quality certification Kitemark accreditation which is most frequently used to identify products where safety is paramount.

FPI is one of the largest fiberglass pipe systems manufacturing companies in the world.


FPI has produced enough pipes to circle the globe more than 4 times.


FPI is leading the market and changing perceptions.