Economic growth, expanding cities and growing populations increases demand for major industrial developments.

Economic growth, coupled with the boom in the oil and gas sector, is fueling the need for water networks in industrial cities, petrochemical plants and the mining industry.

Our composite pipes are used across numerous industrial manufacturing applications including dredging, mining (slurries), sugar refineries, resin plants, cooling water systems, and process automation piping. Typical end-users are major industrial developers, petrochemical corporations and mine owners.

Our product range for the Industrial sector includes, Fiberstrong, Wavistrong, WavistrongFR and Fibermar. These products are used extensively by the Industrial sector, for a wide range of applications:


We have experience in producing pipe systems that are used within petrochemical plants including circulating water, process piping, chemical lines, cooling systems and fire water.

Refineries and Plant Piping

Our solutions cover all pipe systems for sugar refineries, resin plants and aluminium production plants. Typical applications include cooling water, fire water, process piping, and waste water networks.

Fuel Handling and Storage Tanks

Our products for fuel handling and storage have consistently proven to be a reliable long term solution.

Power and Desalination

Future Pipe Industries works across power and desalination complexes to keep both fuel use and surcharges down.

Our exclusively developed product range for Industrial sector includes,

Industrial Case Studies

Al Galala Sea Water RO Plant

Sector: Industrial

Geothermal Power Plant

Sector: Industrial

Hassyan Clean Coal Power

Sector: Industrial

Shoaiba RO Phase 4

Sector: Industrial

Umm Al Houl Power Project

Sector: Industrial

UTE Porto de Sergipe

Sector: Industrial