Flowstrong® GreenBox®

Flowstrong® GreenBox® line pipe is a machine-made composite material produced by the filament winding method combining high strength continuous glass fiber filaments and corrosion resistant epoxy resin onto a steel mandrel.

The material is specially formulated to result in a structurally and chemically optimized product. The resin system employed is a Bisphenol-A based epoxy resin heat cured with an aromatic amine-based hardener; this formulation produces the highest mechanical strength, thermal resistance and corrosion resistance of all commercially available resin systems used in fabrication of fiberglass piping.

GREENBOX® product consists of our FLOWSTRONG® product with an additional 0.5 mm (0.02”) thick inner resin rich liner for enhanced chemical resistance. GREENBOX® can also be called FLOWSTRONG® with Liner.

GREENBOX® line pipe can be supplied with API specification 15HR monogram (specification for high pressure fiberglass line pipe) under an API license. To ensure their long-term performance, the design basis is verified using long-term testing and regression analysis as per ASTM D2992, at the required design temperature or higher.

Available jointing systems:

  • Threaded Joint
  • Flanged Joint