Marine & Offshore

The Marine & Offshore industry has long provided our world with a major form of transportation and essential communication links

Connecting coastal cities, countries and continents, water transportation is an economically and environmentally efficient way to travel or transport merchandise with around 90% of world trade carried by the international shipping industry.

Exhibiting excellent corrosion resistant properties, our Glass Reinforced Epoxy (GRE) pipe systems will last for the life of a ship thereby reducing the overall cost of ownership. In addition, installation costs of our systems are lower due to GRE’s lightweight nature and ease of handling. Installation and prefabrication training can be provided by Future Pipe Industries, either at our facilities or at your site.

Our pipes meet Classification Societies’ rules and IMO regulations, and are less hazardous, eco-friendly and pose no risk to the environment.

Our product range for the Marine & Offshore sector includes, Fibermar, Fiberbond and Wavifloat. These products are used extensively by the Marine & Offshore sector, for a range of applications:

Topside piping

There are many attributes which make composite pipes, a popular choice in the offshore oil industry for the miles of piping located on drilling or production platforms that carry seawater and process water, various chemicals and water for fighting fires.

Firewater and Seawater piping

Removing firewater and seawater can cause both corrosion and abrasion in piping. Our composite pipes are anti-corrosive meaning pipes last longer.

Chemical injection

We understand the critical function chemical injection systems perform and we have experience in delivering systems that suit your unique needs.

Ballast, Scrubber, Bilge, Sprinkler, and Water Lines

Pipes penetrate almost every enclosed space on a ship and as a ship ages so do its pipes.

Our product range for the Marine & Offshore sector includes the following,

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