Marine & Offshore

The Marine & Offshore industry has long provided our world with essential services in transportation and energy.

Exhibiting excellent corrosion resistant properties, FPI products are an ideal solution for marine vessels thereby reducing the overall cost of ownership and operation due to lower installation costs, lightweight nature, and ease of handling.

Our pipes meet Classification Societies’ rules and IMO regulations, and are eco-friendly and pose no risk to the environment.

FPI Products are used extensively by the Marine & Offshore sector for a range of applications such as Top Side Piping, Firewater, Seawater, Ballast, Scrubber, Bilge, Sprinkler, Water Lines, and Chemical injection.

Our product range for the Marine & Offshore sector includes the following:

Marine & Offshore Case Studies

Vox Maxima

Sector: Marine & Offshore

Mv Oleg Strashnov

Sector: Marine & Offshore