Wavistrong Oil & Gas

WAVISTRONGTM OIL & GAS series manufactured using a thermosetting resin system where glass fibers are wound on to a smooth rotating mandrel and impregnated with an aromatic or cycloaliphatic amine cured epoxy resin. The resulting pipe has a high chemical and corrosion resistance as well as excellent mechanical, physical, and thermal properties.

WAVISTRONGTM OIL & GAS pipes and fittings range from 2” to 36” in diameter and can withstand pressures up to 70 Barg. WAVISTRONGTM OIL & GAS is the ideal pipe system for a wide range of applications in both underground and above ground installations.

  • Crude Oil Conveyance.
  • Flow Lines.
  • Battery and Header Piping
  • Liners for the repair of corroded steel casing.
  • General Water Lines.

Available jointing systems:

  • Adhesive Bonded (Cemented) Joint.
  • Lamination Joint.
  • Flanged Joint.