Oil & Gas

World energy demand continues to rise and the Oil & Gas industry is increasing exploration and production, both onshore and offshore.

Our composite pipe systems efficiently transport scarce resources directly to consumers. The non-corrosive characteristic of composites, including fiberglass means they are materials of choice across a wide range of applications in all pressures, temperatures and mediums.

We offer a extensive portfolio of bespoke products and solutions which can meet extreme environmental requirements, including the ability to withstand very high pressures of up to 3500 PSI

Our product range for the Oil & Gas sector includes Fiberbond, Fiberstrong, Wavistrong, WavistrongFR, Fibermar, Wellstrong and Flowstrong. These products are installed worldwide across a diverse range of applications such as,

Flow Gathering and Water Injection

Oil producers are relying more heavily on water injection to maintain production levels. As flow rates and injection pressures increase so do the corrosion and erosion challenges. Fiberglass is non corrosive making it ideal for use in these areas.

Down-hole Tubing and Well Casing

Future Pipe Industries has experience in downhole pipes used for water injection, CO2 injection, waste injection and production lines as well as well casings for oil & gas, water and chemical wells.

Transmission Lines

Future Pipe Industries has vast experience in carrying energy over long distances to and from compressors, distribution centers or storage facilities using medium and low pressure transmission lines.


Offshore platforms and oil rigs are designed to last decades in harsh environments. Composite pipes are anti-corrosive and durable, making them a popular choice in the offshore industry for the miles of piping located on drilling or production platforms that carry seawater and process water, various chemicals and water for fighting fires.

Our exclusively developed product range for Oil & Gas industries includes,

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