Future Pipe Industries provides a range of piping solutions for use in the Water Industry.

Growth, urbanization and infrastructure expansion means we need to manage water in an innovative, effective and sustainable way. FPI Composite Pipes are safe, efficient, reliable, and long-lasting, making them ideal for use across the Water Industry. We work with public water utility authorities, municipalities, infrastructure developers as well as Contractors providing them with sustainable solutions.

FPI products are used extensively by the water industry for the following applications:

Water Transmission & Distribution

Our pipes move water from various surface and underground sources, to the treatment plants and then on to storage reservoirs or commercial and residential users. Increased durability extends the system life cycle making it the most economical solution.

Sewer & Storm Water

With water demand exceeding availability, storm and sewer water are a valuable resource. FPI Composite Pipes provide solutions to our Clients to efficiently manage these resources.


Our Products offer excellent resistance against corrosive environments including soils and saltwater thus maximizing the service life of drainage networks.


FPI Composite Pipes provide excellent hydraulic performance in irrigation networks, significantly reducing operating costs.


Our pipes are used in various desalination processes including applications such as Offshore Seawater Intake and Outfall, Chlorination, Potable Water, Condensate Water, Distillate Water, Brine Water, Vent Gas, Chemical Acid and Firewater in Multi-stage Flash Distillation (MSF), Reverse Osmosis (RO), Multi Effect Distillation (MED) installations.

Water Case Studies

Waad Al Shamal

Sector: Water

Tavagancco Sewer

Sector: Water

KOC New Water Center

Sector: Water

AlBayt Stadium

Sector: Water