Wellstrong® RedBox®

Lightweight, resistant to internal and external corrosion and able to operate in temperatures up to 120°C, The Wellstrong® RedBox® casing and tubing pipe system is a machine-made composite material created and manufactured by Future Pipe Industries.

Produced by winding high-strength continuous glass fibers and corrosion resistant epoxy resin on to a steel mandrel, the material is formulated to result in a product which is structurally and chemically optimized.
WELLSTRONG® – REDBOX® tubing and casing is available in sizes ranging from 2.5″ up to 36” can withstand operating pressures from 32 to 190 Barg (2,750 PSI) and well depths as great as 13,000 ft.

WELLSTRONG® – REDBOX® casing and tubing systems are used in a number of applications:

  • Production wells including thermal, oil and gas.
  • Disposal wells including saltwater, chemical effluent and waste.
  • Injection wells including saltwater, CO2 and polymer.
  • Liners for the repair of corroded steel casing.
  • Municipal and commercial water wells.

Available jointing systems:

  • Threaded Joint